About Us

Johnson Crating is the second in a chain of packaging businesses that originally started in the early 1980’s. Formally started in 1986 Johnson Crating Services is a locally owned and operated business employing hardworking people to produce crates Made in Oklahoma. We have intentionally maintained our size in order to provide the highest level of customer service and products.
Our customers want answers not voicemail so you always talk to someone, we operate with the traits Oklahomans are known for honesty and integrity.
We want to be the one vendor you have that you don’t have to worry about, no need to follow up with us making sure your order is in place. We pride ourselves on being a proactive company and strive for 100% accuracy and delivery. We are prepared and stay prepared and have a no excuses policy regarding any aspect of our operations. Customers demand performance from their vendors not excuses and details matter.


Computer Based Production Scheduling

  • Efficiency in time critical shipment and prevention of missed orders
  • Aids in our quest of having near 100% on time delivery

Document Efficiency

  • All Proof of Delivery documentation is digitized at the point of delivery to allow for near immediate order status updates to our office.
  • All local delivery trucks are GPS enabled to allow for proactive customer notification of their order status.